Learning by doing!

Should we learn and do all – or should we outsource? What point is time to admit – “this is not the thing I manage to do.”

I have read many tutorials how to use WordPress and different themes/plug-ins. But I think they are not written to  people with little or any data-knowledge. Most of them are using vocabulary which usual mortal don’t understand.

I put myself category  more than average with computers – but not any “data-savvy”. I manage to read tutorials in the some point, but suddenly I meet the problem where I can’t find a solution at once… it’s  under my eyes – I read it through time after time, but still I don’t get it – why? Is it my lack of knowledge or maybe tutorial which has been written badly? It takes maybe one or two sleepover before HEUREKA – moment and problem is solved. Sometimes I have to ask help from others, who know more than me.

In basic: we should do what we can, and if we can’t – we should outsource … but there are some things which I want to learn to do myself  – That is the reason why I’m struggling (more than once) with bad tutorials.

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